Sky View Missionary Baptist Church

Plan for Reopening

 This plan is to help us start thinking and planning for reopening.  The plan will undoubtedly require adjustments.  There may be setbacks.  Patience will be a necessity.

 Timeline for Reopening Church

 If our governor’s time frame does not change, the first Sunday back will be May 17, 2020.  For the first few Sundays, we will have worship only.  We want all families to stay together and sit together while worshiping on our campus.  The governor’s mandate is 50% capacity, so seating will be limited to every other pew.  The pews will be marked for your convenience.  We will provide activity packs for all the children second grade and under, and sermon notes for third through fifth grade. We will also provide a room at the back of the sanctuary for parents to feed, change and calm their infants and toddlers.  For the safety of those using this room, the room will be cleaned after each use.

We have not decided when we will resume Sunday School.  When we do, the Nursery and Toddlers rooms will be open for Sunday School only.

When everyone gets more comfortable, we will resume providing Nursery (birth – 1 years), Toddlers (1 – 2 years), and Preschool (3-Pre-k) for all three services.

We will provide activity packets for children K- 5th grade in place of Children’s Church at this time.  We hope this will be an encouragement for your children to be included in worship with you.

We will also live stream our services to the gym, so you will have another option for social distancing. There will also be a changing and calming room for parents in the gym at the top of the steps.  Groups of chairs will be placed six feet or farther apart.  Again, the children are encouraged to remain seated with their family. If you are worshiping in the gym, we encourage you to park in the parking lot between the church and the gym. We will enter the gym in the doors closest to the Sidna Allen home and exit through the doors facing Skyview Drive.

General Comments and Guidelines for Reopening

  • We encourage those who are sick to please stay home until you are well.
  • We understand some people may not feel comfortable coming back to church at this time. We want everyone to use their own discretion.  We want to be especially sensitive to the elderly and those with compromised health issues.
  • To start with you may just want to come and sit in your car in the parking lot, and wave at the people and watch and listen to the service on Facebook on your phone.
  • Social distancing will be easier since we already have three worship services on Sunday morning.
  • A deep cleaning of the church has already been completed by Judy Miller. She has sanitized all floors, walls, bathrooms, pews, our library, all doors and door handles.
  • All non-essential items have been removed from the Nursery and Toddlers Rooms. This will make the rooms easier to clean after each service once these rooms are opened again.
  • All hymnals, pencils, and offering envelopes have been removed from the pews. The invitational song will be added to the screen.  All the other songs were there already.  This is to make cleaning and disinfecting easier and quicker after each service.
  • Handshaking and hugging will be stopped for the immediate future. You are encouraged to wave and smile from a distance.
  • We will continue to live stream our 8:30 a.m. service since this is reaching so many people. It could be we will live stream all three services.  All live streaming will end, before the invitation begins, so no one is hindered from responding to the Holy Spirit.
  • We will clean between each service. This will involve wiping off the top of pews, sanitizing bathrooms, doorknobs, etc.  We will need volunteers to help with this.  This may require people to exit one service and give us time to clean.  Then, the next service can begin to enter.  We know you will want to fellowship, but this may have to happen outside between and after services.
  • We are discussing how we will distribute bulletins and prayer lists, if we continue to distribute them at all. We could go to an online option for the time being.
  • We will post signs with appropriate handwashing guidelines in every bathroom.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available throughout the church. If you can bring your own hand sanitizer, this will help the church’s supply to go farther.
  • If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please bring your own if you have one. If you do not have a mask and would like one, we will try to provide one for you.  Parents, please explain to your children why people are wearing masks, so they will not be frightened.
  • Our ushers will hold the doors open or we will prop doors open, where this is possible.
  • We will not offer our usual fellowship time with donuts and coffee for the first few weeks. We plan to reintroduce this at a later date.
  • We will meet with all Sunday School teachers to discuss several options: smaller groups, different times, different days, online, etc.  Social distancing is more difficult in these small group settings.
  • Keisha will meet with children’s workers to discuss new guidelines, policies, and procedures. Only scheduled workers will be allowed in the rooms.  We will only provide services for those five years of age and under.  Older children are encouraged to attend worship with their family.
  • In the short term, we may use the Praise Team in every service. We need to consider the Choir meeting in the Choir Room and social distancing.  Also, we need to consider when to start back choir practice.
  • We will bring people “in” the Main Entrance and “out” through the doors beside the Choir Room or through the Library. This will help with congestion and social distancing.  We will mark doors with “Enter” and “Exit” signs.
  • We may possibly dismiss by rows, again just to help with congestion and social distancing.
  • How will we do communion and receive the offering? Our communion is already in self-contained packages, so that makes it easier.  We will distribute communion like the food handlers handle food.  One person with a mask and gloves will hand it to you as you enter.

A bucket will be available at the front and back of the sanctuary, and at each door in the gym where you may leave your tithes and offerings.

  • Sky View Academy Pre-school will continue to follow the Carroll County School Schedule.
  • The youth will tentatively resume their Wednesday night Bible Study on June 17, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., (for upcoming 7th -12th grades).

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Church Opening Plan